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Finding coffee that your customers love is a hard task to find. Even once you find the coffee, you still need to be able to trust that the supplier can consistently deliver when you need it the most. 

Do you have all the necessary vendors to craft your perfect coffee brand? Are the families who produce your Colombian coffee getting paid fairly for their work?

These are things you need to consider when choosing your long term coffee supplier.

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Barabi Coffee is established in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia which is the heart of coffee in the country. We have been in business for over 50 years and have been supplying coffee all around the world.

Most coffee brands have to search and find multiple vendors to create their own coffee brand and that can be exhausting. This includes finding the right coffee beans, roasting them, create the packaging, export it from Colombia, import to your country, and get it delivered to your door. Then you have to logistically figure all that out.

That’s where we made it super easy for you because we do all of that inhouse so you get the coffee you want and your customers go crazy over and get it delivered to your door.

That’s where we made it super easy for you by doing everything in-house. You get the coffee you want in the simplest way possible.

If you can dream it, we can create it and make it happen. That includes specific coffee profiles, packaging, branding, and delivery instructions.

The best part is you work directly with us, the farmers and no middle men. So if you want to come out and visit our farms and visit the families you are impacting, we would love to make that a reality.

We pay our team significantly more than your average coffee farmer because we want to make a significant impact in our local community and our country.

30% of the profit of our sales goes immediately back into helping those in need which inclues funding refugees, medical care, and the local church.

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It is a lot easier to grow your coffee brand if you have the right pieces in place. Let’s have a fun conversation and how we may work together. We will learn about your brand vision and goals to help you succeed.