Private Label Colombian Coffee

Build Your Own
Coffee Brand

Get your own specialty coffee brand delivered to your door straight from our farms.
We design, grow, roast, and package your coffee all in-house. No other vendors are needed.​

Finding A Good Coffee Suplier Can Be Tough

  • Their Coffee Is Bland And Your Customers Aren’t In Love With It
  • They Are Unethical And Don’t Pay Their Farmers Fairly
  • Prices Are Too High Yet The Quality Isn’t There
  • They Don’t Deliver On What They Say They Will
  • Not Transparent On Their Process
  • You Need To Find Several Vendors To Make Your Business Work
Coffee Supply

Why Private Label Your Coffee With Barabi?

To build a successful private label coffee brand, you need to put all of the pieces together. This includes finding coffee your customers love, have reasonable prices, have a reliable supplier, and create eye attracting packaging. 

We do everything inhouse in Colombia to make your life easy. We design the coffee that will fit your market, design and package your coffee, export it, and deliver it to your door. 

This takes away the hassle of you having to find multiple vendors and have to schedule and ship everything which saves you a significant amount of time and money. Our selections and process will give you everything you need to create your perfect private label coffee brand!

Barabi Blend Coffee
Quindio Colombia

Coffee Is Our Life

Situated in Quindio State, the heart of coffee, Colombia, we have over five decades of experience in the coffee industry. Our twenty farms are located in the Andes mountains, ranging from 3,600 to 7,100 f.a.s.l. We have more than 2.6 Million Red Castillo, Pink Bourbon, and Geisha coffee trees. We have a team of 1,000 people who provide you the most remarkable coffees in the world. 

Coffee is our life and we want to build a life long relationship with you. We are experts in the coffee industry in designing, growing, harvesting, and roasting high quality specialty coffee. Our team has over five generations of experience. Not only do we have fantastic coffee but by partnering with us, we steward our money well to improve the lives of the people we love.

We pay our farmers double the average coffee farmer wage which means they don’t have to find a second job in the city. We house them, feed them, and pay them higher so they can pay for education for their children. We treat our workers great so everyone can have a higher standard of living and improve our community.

We also provide 30% of all profits back to missions work in Colombia and abroad. This includes helping people in the Venezuelan refugee crisis, teach Colombians how to earn more money, and provide health clinics through the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Colombia.

Get Your Coffee In 3 Easy Steps

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Ship It To Your Door

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Who Do We Serve?

We grow coffee,

We craft coffee,

We know coffee,

Coffee is our core.